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Hair Free Laser Institute is an incorporated company that provides medically and FDA approved laser technology for permanent hair reduction using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This technology is also used for:

  • improved skin appearance for Rosacea,
  • flushing, sun damage,
  • age spots,
  • skin texture,
  • photo aging which is referred to as PhotoRejuvenation, and
  • acne.

Various hand pieces are used with the IPL laser which focus on different levels of the skin where controlled flashes of light penetrate and are absorbed by either the hair follicles or the pigment within the skin. It is usually a series of treatments (8-10) to reach satisfactory results. Individual results may vary.

All areas of the body (except directly around the eyes) can be treated. Treatments are relatively pain-free and can be treated quickly. It is effective on all skin types and can be adjusted based on hair color, texture and body location (gray or white hairs will not be destroyed since there is no pigment in those follicles). If you have waxed, plucked or tweezed please wait 4-6 weeks before coming for your treatment.

At the Hair Free Laser Institute we employ friendly, knowledgeable technicians. We strive at earning your business by offering the lowest prices available for IPL technology with our low monthly specials and low price guarantee.

There is no greater complement you could give us than a referral. Refer a new client and get a 10% referral credit of the amount the person being referred spends on their first treatment.

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